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Digital Nutrition NFT's

By using NFTs as the key to unlock encrypted content, only the owners of the Fitness NFT will be able to enter The Locker Room. Our unique NFT  implementation enables athletes to monetize their lifestyle by interacting with our community. Gain access to your favorite fitspo by minting your unique set of NFTs. Get in touch with our team today about any questions leading to our NFT collections!

3 Things to Know About NFT's

We utilize blockchain, and NFT technology to create a marketplace for the next generation of NFT lifestyles. Each NFT contains unique access, services, product, and more.


What are NFT's?

A non-fungible token (NFT) is an individual token existing on a blockchain. Each token is unique and identifiable, and as result can be owned and traded in the future. When a token is attached to a digital artwork, it can function as a verifiable certificate of authenticity, allowing for provable ownership and enabling a competitive resale market.


Can I sell my NFT's?

Yes, if you are apart of Digital Nutritions community, and you own the rights to a NFT, you can list it directly through our storefront by opening a seller account. All Digital Nutrition NFT’s  are ERC721 compliant and can be resold on other NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea.


How do I buy a Digital Nutrition NFT?

Go to our NFT Marketplace, Link Your Wallet, & Mint your NFT!


Our NFT Collections Include:

5 Star Rated

1-1 Video Chat


Custom Artwork

DN Supplements

Sports Nutrition / CBD / Super Foods

High-Quality Community

Digital Nutrition’s core is the community.

The Warrior Weekend

Our Annual Event


App Credits

Meet Our Captains

The Locker Room is a special place because of you and I. Our captains monitor, supervise, adjust, and grow The Locker Room to be a trusted, and insanely awesome environment!

Alec Fidan

Alec “THE BOSS” Fidan is our Commander & Creator


Our Head Officer of the Metaverse

Mike Achromawicsz

Our trusted Head Trainer & Partner

Get in Touch

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